Nature Galleries and Interactive Sites
Images from 2004
Images from the Chilkat River and Haines Alaska
Images from Eastern Mexico
Images from 2005
Images from Late Summer
Images from the Davis Mountains...June
Golden-cheeks and Black Caps from the Rufuge
Warblers and Others from the Ranch
Bird Images from Fall
Images from 2006 and 2007
Butterflies The bulk of this gallery are the colorful butterflies of Texas. One of our most exciting and difficult creatures to photograph.
Dragonflies The best flyers in nature and among the most colorful of all
Upland Birds: This gallery is somewhat of a catch-all
Warblers & Vireos
Wading Birds: The classical Herons, Egrets, a large group of Whooping Cranes, as well as Rails and others.
Water Birds: These are the Ducks, Geese, Gulls, etc.
Raptors: From Kestrels to Eagles to Hawks.
Eagles of the Chilkat
Reptiles: From 'Gators to Snakes to Turtles.
Mammals: Elk, Deer, Woodchucks, etc.
Polar Bears